Each batch of our cold-processed soap is made using only simple, wholesome ingredients that are healthy for your skin.  We use natural plant-based ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, butters and spices. Our handmade soaps are safe and gentle for your face, yet effective on cleansing your hands and body with their rich, creamy lather.   

       All of our soaps are enriched with nourishing and healing shea butter.  Some are also superfatted with honey, cocoa butter or mango butter to soothe, soften and moisturize skin.  Natural exfoliants, such as sea salts or cornmeal, are used for texture and extra scrubbing power. Organic clays and herbs balance and tone skin while adding natural color to the soaps. We use pure, therapeutic essential oils in our soap while some of them have quality phlalate-free fragrances.  Our essential oils are distilled from fresh flowers, leaves, herbs, citrus peels, and spices, and the best thing is, they add their own healing benefits to the skin.
       And that's all! There are no detergents, artificial colors, or preservatives in Cedarwood Soaps.  Just rich, moisturizing oils, naturally nourishing glycerin, pure essential oils and fragrances.  Commercially-made soaps just don’t compare to the quality and luxury of natural handmade soaps.
...E V E R  W O N D E R  H O W   S O A P  I S   M A DE ?...
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Balsam Woods Home Fragrance Foot Polish and Foot Butter
Balsam Woods Home FragranceFoot Polish and Foot Butter

 Reminiscent of a walk through the woods breathing in the crisp mountain air on a fresh winter's day

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Sea Island Cotton Soap Foot Polish
Sea Island Cotton SoapFoot Polish

Fresh Scent, Gently Cleanses

Exfoliates, Softens, Antibacterial



Foot Butter Honeysuckle Soap
Foot ButterHoneysuckle Soap

 Very Emollient & Moisturizing

Fresh Springtime Floral



Lime Mint Soap Triple Butter Bar - Unscented Soap
Lime Mint SoapTriple Butter Bar - Unscented Soap

Gentle Cleansing Bar Ideal for Combination Skin


Unscented Soap that Moisturizes, Heals and Protects with Three Premium Butters 



Beach House Soap Coconut Sandalwood Soap
Beach House SoapCoconut Sandalwood Soap

Unisex Clean Scent

Nourishes and Protects



Eucalyptus Spearmint Soap Honey Almond Body Butter
Eucalyptus Spearmint SoapHoney Almond Body Butter

Sea Clay Deep Cleans While Aroma Uplifts Body, Mind & Soul

 Delicious almond in a decadent butter